June 19, 2017

To Ode or Not to Ode: Donald Trump

Just when my room mate Lim and I thought that Mr. A. Cat had entirely given up sending us his groan-worthy political limericks, a mysterious email arrived concerning a White House now under siege by powerful establishment forces who take exception to the real estate mogul's rule.

Now is Mr. A Cat's odious effort an 'ode'? Who knows. Is it for or against Mr. Trump? Debatable! But see what you think, dear reader, for it's your call to share...or to ignore, as you wish!

When your lawyer gets a lawyer

and your rating's going down

with your tax returns elusive

people calling you a clown

even fake news cannot save you

though you tweet lies like a chump

better take a long vacation

for your name is Donald Trump.


author: Mr. A. Cat (c) 2017

typist: Jude Cowell

chef: Lim

Here's an odd fact: Mr. A has limericked a campaigning Mr. Trump in a previous post (with Trump's natal horoscope shown). Plus, there's even a Part Two. Rrraowwrrr!

Please tell me...Why does the Laughing Cat laugh?