September 30, 2015

Jon Stewart Stands With 9/11 First Responders To Urge Congress To Renew Benefits - video

Right now it's 10:10 pm edt and at midnight the US Congress allows medical benefits for 9/11 First Responders to run out because they're too sorry to do the jobs we pay them to do. The extension would pass if it is brought up but they're declined to allow a vote so benefits will begin to dry up and by December doctors will be laid off.

Once again, congress members, Republicans in particular, are in breach of the public trust. And if America is nothing more than a corporation We the People should demand that politicians keep their side of the contract with the American people.

Jon Stewart has been spotlighting this issue for quite a while:

This political post has been ok'd by Lim because my feline roommate is enraged over his issue!