September 30, 2015

An Astrologer's Ode to Donald Trump

Perhaps you've heard that real estate mogul Donald Trump is running for president of the United States for 2016 and I am happy to announce that Lim and I have finally heard again from Mr. A. Cat and have collaborated with him to create an ode concerning Mr. Trump's 2016 prez bid as seen through the candidate's natal horoscope which is pictured here:

If you wish, check out details concerning his chart and personality by visiting my Political Astrology site Stars Over Washington.

And though Mr. Trump's popularity seems to be somewhat waning of late, and assuming you are familiar with astrological principles, here is our Ode to Donald Trump which asserts a familiar life lesson that we are what we are:

The horoscope of Donald Trump

doth follow him while on the stump

his Merc in Cancer aces deals

and tells us how he really feels

Bombastic to an nth degree

he's royal in his panoply

as Mars and Regulus arise

determined on the greatest prize

Huge Jupiter stood-still must care

with Libra's constant "they're not fair!"

a quarreling nature battling hard

he soon shall play his last Trump card.

meowed by Mr. A. Cat, Jude Cowell, and Lim (c) 2015 all rights reserved but feel free to Share with attribution!