November 5, 2012

A November 2012 Rhyme: How Rich Is Mitt Romney?

Oh boy, it's been months since Lim or Mr. A. Cat asked me to type here a limerick or rhyme for you! But who can boss around cats, right? Here's lovely Zasha, the Russian Blue, to say, don't bother trying to herd us into anything we don't want to do!

So, the uptick is that I've had to become inspired myself and Election Day November 6, 2012 (tomorrow!) is the muse:

How rich is Mitt Romney

how high is the sky

how deep are the oceans

how apple the pie?

How mean is the bully

how stealthy the thief

how cruel a plutocrat

bringing us grief?

How psycho the pathic's

political ploys

how damaging partisans

making such noise?

How gullible voters

how fake a campaign

how antique a platform

for their Crazy Train?

jc 2012

It will be very interesting to me to see how the Mainstream Media spins their own reporting over the next few weeks if Mitt Romney, bolstered by Karl Rove's cheating tactics galore and some squirrelly voting machines, allegedly 'wins' tomorrow's election. My suspicion is that the MSM's 2012 narrative may make the knots it tied itself into over "hanging chads" and the Supreme Court's vote-counting interference in December 2000--in order to hand the presidency to George Bush--look like child's play.

Now as you probably know, Mercury, planet of voting, votes, ballots, decisions, communications and such performs a Station Retrograde tomorrow around 6:00 pm ET which bodes ill for quick results--if not presidentially, then the outcomes of some House and Senate races may be tied up for weeks until mid-December.

Another curious astrological factor about tomorrow is that the Election 2012 Moon (Moon = We-the-People in Mundane or Political Astrology) is void of course and you may wish to check out the situation on my Political Astrology blog Stars Over Washington where you'll find no awful political rhymes to annoy you, I promise!

Well, at least not at the moment...