June 13, 2012

Lim's Ode to Big Bankers

You know a re-read of Simon Johnson's and James Kwak's book 13 Bankers, plus JP Morgan Chase's CEO Jamie Dimon reciting his mea culpa script today to a congressional panel on how unaware he was of his corporation's outrageously risky loss of billions of dollars has reminded me of a recent rhyme that Mr. A. Cat sent to my roommate Lim the Cat who then scratched it into his litter box contents for me to discover at my leisure.

So, okay, it's past time I typed it here for you (before its stinkability is scooped away and flushed!) So if you wish, please read the following untitled verse with my compliments which are now blended with my own mea culpa for lamentable typing tardiness! After all, it isn't as if cats have typing fingers, you know:

Hanky panky needs a spanky

gave our Treasure to the banky

little help from young Dodd-Franky

Paulson Geithner Ben Bernanke.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq

transmitted June 12, 2012, from underneath a shady porch in an undisclosed location.

Now here's our lovely Zasha as recently portrayed by my photographer daughter, Maya: