April 25, 2012

A GOP 2012 Limerick

Meow to All!

Yes, this is the first and belated post of 2012 here at Lim's Limericks and I must report to you that so far the mysterious Mr. A. Cat has been out of touch and in his usual incognito mode (as an agent formerly in service to our nation.) Therefore, no rhyming communiques of a political nature have arrived from his undisclosed location at this juncture.

But no worries since my housecat Lim is on the case and is following Campaign 2012 with all the furry attention he can muster...why, it's almost as if he's on the trail of a gang of rats!

And some would say he is.

So here goes, Lim's initial offering in honor of Campaign 2012 which arrives none too soon and hot on the heels of yesterday's five primaries:

Our country's gone wild for The Mitt

he's really a corporate fit

but since ninety-nine

have lives on the line

don't tell them that Romney is it.

by Lim

Typist: Jude Cowell

Photo below: Roxy in one of her charmer poses:

Photo by Maya Henderson.