Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Poem for Herman Cain (w video)

Thrills, chills, but now spills for Herman Cain and here's a cozy Zasha the Russian Blue looking highly critical of the following verse penned by yours truly since Mr. A. Cat seems to have flown the Lim's Limericks coop--my cat Lim hasn't heard from Mr. A. in months--no limerick or nuthin'. Nary a peep.

Actually, I think our fluffy Zasha, sad about the Cain campaign's flop-over yesterday from romantic scandals and sexy accusations, was leaning toward voting for Herman in November 2012 but that's mainly because no one has had the heart to tell her that cats can't legally vote in America...she'll be Very Displeased when she finds that out...

We say Farewell to Herman Cain
whose sins belied his prez campaign
he had to know before he started
love would leave him broken hearted!

jc, the typist (c)2011


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Well, here's Cain's announcement December 3, 2011, Atlanta, GA:

Our comedians are really going to miss the Hermster!


Zasha photo by photographer and fiberista Maya Henderson.