December 22, 2011

Jude Cowell's '2012 GOP Candidates' Poetry Round-Up

Here's the lovely Zasha waiting patiently in her favorite window for Santa to arrive! She does look a little ticked though, doesn't she? ;p

Well, she couldn't be as ticked as the American people who've been swamped by months of Republican debates on TV (or what passes for debates these days) with a gigantic field of candidates clamoring for the RNC 2012 presidential nomination. It's been quite a fatiguing onslaught, hasn't it?

Then there's the constant atmosphere of gridlock and my-way-or-the-highway attitudes made special by the Tea Party congressmembers who simply adore shutting down the government to make a point and whose party insists on forcing austerity measures upon the Americans who can least afford the cuts while the rich and favored take all the goodies Washington can dish out.

Well, around here, defensive action had to be taken so in no particular order, I've created a mildly mocking limerick for each candidate--those who are still standing, those who have dearly departed...and one who may represent a GOP dream come true for warring neocons!

Forgotten is slick Herman Cain
so eager to mount his campaign
but ladies did cry
your hand on my thigh
makes White House pretentions insane.

A Perry dilemma occurred
he couldn't remember the third
his future now droops
because of an Oops
no longer his favorite word.

Young Rick Don't You Google Santorum
was seen several times in a forum
not much does he say
few turns come his way
those prez dreams he may as well store 'em.

In China Jon Huntsman was king
he spoke like they speak in Beijing
but chit chat aside
a nominee's ride
must soar like an eagle on wing.

Michele courts the church-going vote
dominionists in a big boat
her eyes on the prize
can sure hypnotize
fun gaffes but that's all that she wrote.

A president Mitt would be weird
like Abraham Lincoln sans beard
this one percent shill
gold coffers to fill
the rest of us sheep staying sheared.

Newt's launch to the stars went kaput
can't seem not to shoot self in foot
force poor kids to clean
sounds scrooge-like and mean
beware rug rats covered in soot.

You noticed Ron Paul runs again
it does no one good to pretend
kids like him a lot
no drug war on pot
and perchance the Fed meets its end.

If Jeb Bush jumps into the race
to help GOPers save face
would people be glad
he'd rule like his dad
while keeping that globalist pace?

(c) jude cowell 2011-2012

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And in case you're an American who's as frustrated with the anti-government, self-destructive style of Capitol Hill politics now being practiced as I am, here's a closing 'bonus' rhyme of a significantly groanworthy nature which hopefully isn't as annoying as Washington politicians:

For office you voted a goon
who jets off to France every June
he feasts on your dime
while dealing in slime
his ear to your needs unattuned.

jc 2011--2012

And that's my overview of Washington DC, my former residence, for December 2011. May the year 2012 not be as bad for the world as everyone expects! Jude


Did you know there's a drive to rid the US of the corporate-infused Citizens United SCOTUS decision of 2010? Actually, Thom Hartmann talks a lot about it so you may wish to allow him to inform you on the topic.

Thom and others are planning to take part in an Occupy the Supreme Court and federal courts action across the land to mark the second anniversary on January 20, 2012 of Citizens United--as I believe dissenting Americans who love their country should!