October 19, 2011

Mitt Romney 2012 (a limerick)

Here you see the lovely Zasha chillaxin' in her favorite spot but my roommate Lim has heard not one whisper or meow for months from our secret agent at large Mr. A. Cat who normally scratches out the political limericks around here.

So with the 2012 campaign already looming over our noggins and assaulting our ears, it seems incumbent upon me as this blog's typist to try my paw at a timely if awful verse!

Is this limerick a prediction in disguise? Maybe!

After all, in America money talks most loudly and Mr. Romney is ranked highest in campaign contributions from the big bankers so far...

Don't mess with the kitten called Mitt
whose campaign survives every hit
since Perry and Cain
are crazy insane
it looks like the Mormon is it.

jc 2011