July 15, 2011

Poem: Talks of Debt (plus, a Fond Farewell)

Here's a photo of sweet, snoozy Gracie Kitty all cuddled up with her favorite bunny book. But sadly I must report to you that Lim's Limericks and family no longer have 17-year-old Gracie about the place due to a suddenly-worsening kidney condition.

R.I.P., dear Princess Grace: for 17 years you were the best kitty girl 24/7.

Then another sad topic has to be the Debt Talks (negotiations) going on now in Washington DC between the president and the GOP, a stand-off that has placed the US on the brink of debt default. So perhaps you'll issue a pardon if I publish quite an awful rhyme that just occurred to me. Well, what do you expect? I am only the typist here, y'know! And Mr. A. Cat hasn't sent along a new limerick to my roommate Lim in weeks...

With talks of debt
we haven't yet
found Washington sublime
they must address the bigger mess:
on whom to spend our dime

we're broke! we're not!
the fur doth fly
round White House meeting room
if D and R take things too far?
America kaboom!

jc 2011

Well, I hope the title of this post isn't prophetic on some weird level for it's meant to announce my melancholy at the passing of Gracie Kitty and not as a 'fond farewell' to our ill-governed and tattered nation.

If you'd like to read about debt talks and defaults as they relate to the natal horoscope of Rep. Eric Cantor, please be my guest. And be advised that if you don't speak 'astrologese' not to fret for I always compose and type in English!