April 11, 2011

The R v D Thing (a limerick)

Here's sassy Miss Roxy pausing in the shadows and wondering, what's up with America?

Meanwhile, Mr. A. Cat, our erstwhile and official limerick writer who's been deeply undercover in foreign climes of late and totally missed posting a verse in March 2011 (he sends his sincere apologies), has just telegraphed my roommate Lim with a fresh ditty for immediate publishing.

Apparently Mr. A. has been paying attention to the ongoing 'budget impasse' performances being played out on Capitol Hill and since I'm the one with the typing fingers, here it is just for you:

The R v D thing is old
in spite of political gold
the ruling elite
have things rather sweet
our national future's been sold.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq


Thanks, Mr. A! Your feline instincts for politics are always welcome here! jc

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