February 5, 2011

A Kitten of Egypt (a limerick)

As you know, felines are associated with the zodiacal Leo, ruled by the Sun and sign of the proud Lion and natural ruler. Egypt has traditionally been enamored of cats to the point of mummifying them so perhaps you're familiar with the ancient Egyptian cat goddess Bastet, aka, Bast.

Plus, some say the human-headed Sphinx has the body of a lion, while others say its body is a dog which, if true, links the ancient and mysterious monument to Fixed Star Sirius, the Dog Star. The World Mysteries website gives details, too. Hmm...lion? Or dog? Rrraorwww-r-r-r!

There was even a mythical version of the Sphinx in Greece that sparked the famous Riddle of the Sphinx which Oedipus successfully solved. Can you?

And although our favorite political limerick author, Mr. A. Cat (an agent formerly in service to our nation), has no intention of ever being mummified or deified, he alerts us that he is very concerned about the current events in Egypt as millions of Egyptians band together (since Jan 25) in a valiant attempt to disgorge Hosni Mubarak from power and demand that a democratic government be established.

Excellent coverage of the goings-on may be found in many places online, but Mr. A., Lim, and I personally recommend Democracy Now! for daily updated information, videos, and commentary on the unfolding events.

Given all this, Lim and I were unsurprised today to receive a secret cable from Mr. A. Cat containing a new and topical limerick for our consideration. This rhyme must, of course, be typed and published here by yours truly since cats possess many fine features...but typing fingers are not among them:

A Kitten of Egypt did cower
regime under threat by the hour
an uprising strong
says You've stayed too long
abusing your office of power.

Mr. A. Cat

(from an undisclosed location under a distant porch or veranda)

We here at Lim's Limericks send our fervent hopes for Peace and Safety to the good people of Egypt who've endured many hardships during 30+ years of Mubarak's oppressive regime. Scat!

jc, the typist


ps: you'll find my own Political Astrology entries concerning the uprising in Egypt including Egypt's natal charts (1922 and 1953) @ Stars Over Washington. There you'll see a YOD (Finger of God planetary pattern indicating a crisis and/or turning point) in Egypt's progressed chart set for late January 2011 which points toward Egypt's progressed Moon (the people) showing that the population is on the brink and has had all it can take.

And on a lighter note, here is our lovely Zasha patiently waiting for improvement while looking more than a little piqued!