January 11, 2011

A Kitten Is Visiting Yemen (limerick)

Oh dear! I was not expecting this morning to receive a fresh missive from Mr.A. Cat containing a limerick which he and Lim insist I type for you even though it concerns a hotbed region of the world, Yemen, which is possibly the poorest country in the Near East. Yemen is located south of Saudi Arabia and as with most nations, someone at the top possesses and receives money leaving the regular folk to do without even life's basics.

Here's a brief look at the natal horoscope of South Yemen in case you're interested.

Now for Mr. A. Cat's latest limerick (and don't say you weren't warned!):

A kitten is visiting Yemen
in spite of its treatment of women
she'll fly in a while
American style
from which her diplomacy's stemmin'.

Mr. A. Cat

(as sent from an unknown, undisclosed location under a distant porch, terrace, or veranda)


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Jude, the typist at Lim's Limericks

Now here's a snapshot of a sleepy-eyed Roxy winking at you!