December 25, 2010

A WkiLeaks limerick for Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas, all you Cats and Kitties!

My roomie cat Lim and his pal Mr. A. Cat (an agent formerly in service to our nation, now secluded under an undisclosed porch or terrace), collude to bring you a new limerick sent by cable (as usual, and most appropriately!) from Mr. A. and for which Lim begs my typing ability to take a little publishing action upon.

Yes, Mr. A. has previously shown partiality for astrological indicators and the recent Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21 occurred just hours away from Winter Solstice 2010 when the Sun entered Capricorn, sign of government, law, and business.

It is rare that these two celestial events manifested upon the same day, so it's understandable that our curious limerick writer, Mr. A., should take note and ponder such synchronicitous happenings.

Forthwith, I shall attend my keyboard and comply:

A Solstice and Lunar Eclipse
for twenty-ten joined at the hips
bring issues of war
and secrets galore
with WikiLeaks on all their lips.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq
Dec 25, 2010


A Note from Jude the Obscure Typist:

A Lunar Eclipse at a crisis 29th degree may indicate market crises or increased financial difficulties for the US government, along with critical communications dilemmas - such as WikiLeaks and its promised-in-January-2011 leaks of documents concerning Bank of America. This could join financial loss with secrets-leaking and make the Dec 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse a major player in the collective as we enter 2011 and head directly for a Solar Eclipse on Jan 4, 2011 @ 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun (the leader.)

You are cordially invited to read of more such topics at Stars Over Washington where you'll find plenty of political and corporate varmints...but at least you'll have no cats underfoot! jc