December 11, 2010

Assange the Limerick

Sweet Gracie Kitty is snugged around her *Bunny Book, thereby displaying a distinct if sleepy yen to avoid having anything to do with the following new rhymery which concerns WikiLeaks founder and whistle blower extraordinaire, Julian Assange.

Actually, I think it was my roomie cat Lim who scratched out this particular limerick rather than receiving it by the usual cable sent from afar by the mysteriously elusive Mr. A. Cat (an agent formerly in service to our nation) who authors and inspires all of the political poetry plunked upon this blog for your groanworthy consideration.

So go ahead and set your Groanworthy Meter way high for we'll soon begin!

And me? Why, I'm only the typist around here...

Assange the Limerick

There once was a publishing cat
with documents stuffed in his hat
by name of Assange
he kept a melange
of targets we call diplomat.

Lim 12.11.10 as typed by Jude Cowell

*Jude here: for bunny tales, I also recommend The Runaway Bunny which is not a reference to Mr. Assange's whereabouts, then, now, or in future...

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