November 2, 2010

Midterm Elections 2010 Blues

Zasha stretched, then walked out of the room when I said I was about to type the following verse in honor of Midterm Elections 2010, a political brou ha ha that dawns in a few hours. With Mr. A. Cat, this blog's Number One muse out of touch and probably out of the country, I have ill-advisedly taken things into my own paws and jotted down a's the Midterm Elections 2010 Blues.

Why Blues? Because that sinking feeling of the game being rigged never leaves me now that I've seen what a misguided America can do. And the intuition is never so strong as when I step away from the "ballot box" which has morphed into nothing more than a computer monitor hooked up to a wizard behind a screen.

So here goes. I tremble for my country as 2010 comes to a close. And I hope your groanworthiness meter has been recently calibrated because you'll need it:

Midterm Elections 2010 Blues

GOP like drunken sailors
spent like whoppers lied some whalers

Give them back the key for turning
toward the White House they are yearning

Factions left and wing on right
a mighty power frames the fight

Though Dems be older siblings still
the Rs would rule on Cap'tol Hill

With claws aflash and teapots steaming
watch the video it's streaming

Intrigue dark around a shoulder
DC couldn't be much colder

Yet no matter whose side wins it
no one spins like DC spins it

Take a break from politics
(behind our backs they call us hicks.)

jc 11.2.10 2:25 am edt