October 9, 2010

A Kitten a Day? Lim is in love!

My sassy cat Lim is in love once again! Such a lothario is he that his discovery today of The Daily Kitten has opened up a veritable plethora of cute kitty photos of potential romantic crushes for my talented fish-chef kitty. He even insists that the site link be added to this blog's sidebar list which has now been done.

Lim's new love is okay by me as long as this evening's promised dinner of Grilled Breaksea cod (with Pearl Biscuits swimming in Butter Gravy) isn't late to the table!

Hmmm...will world-class chef Lim invite his furry New Lady Friend to dine with us perhaps?


Note: my pencil portrait of a Breaksea cod also appears on items in the Jude Cowell Art Shop @ Zazzle where you'll find art posters for your wall, greeting cards, postage stamps, calendars, Save Our Oceans stickers, and quite a bit more!