August 1, 2010

When Alan Greenspan Shows His Face

Had to write my own verse this morning since Mr. A. Cat is ranging across parts unknown and is completely out of touch with my chef kitty lims from him.

While watching Meet the Press this morning (one of my bad habits, I know), former Fed chair Alan Greenspan appears, he who never met a collapsed housing market he didn't enable. This 'Master of the Universe' says that a double dip recession won't occur as long as housing prices don't go down. Duh.

What occurred to me was this...

When Alan Greenspan shows his face
of deep remorse there is no trace
guess things went well for power elite
so haves-have-nots would never meet
upon a level playing field
their ivory towers never yield
as they got theirs you're in a stew
look quick! too late, they got yours, too.

jc 8.1.10

Well, at least Greenspan, when asked by David Gregory if 'tax cuts pay for themselves?', replied, "They do not." Add that to your kool-aid, GOP!

Zasha, looking un-amewsed...