June 10, 2010

The Oiliest Cat in the Land (a limerick)

Here's a good place for discerning kitties of every stripe - snuggled in a bathroom sink and lovin' it! "Why me hafta move?," meows sweet Roxy. Yet sometimes there are no good answers in this crazy world for our erstwhile kitties.

Meanwhile, a new limerick sent in today from the mysterious Mr. A. Cat contains very little to love...

The oiliest cat in the land
won't give BP paw or a hand
their gas caught on fire
a blowout so dire
that drilling offshore may not stand.

Mr. A. Cat, secret agent in service to our nation


A Note from the Typist:

Did you know that my Dreamyfish denizens (tropical fish portraits) have put together an Art Slideshow as an '8mm film short' in solidarity with their oil-drenched brethren of the Gulf Coast whose sad life-or-death plight seems apocalyptically unending?

(Which is not to mention people's livelihoods now destroyed across the region ad infinitum.)

The BP-Gulf Oil blowout and its environmental effects are what can result when people - and the entities they make up - extend their enterprises and horizons beyond all common sense. The Obama administration is being credited with permitting the oil rig's exploration on April 6, 2010 which is days before the April 20 blowout. Of course, BP said it would work out just fine, no worries!

Additionally, you may wish to view the Horoscope of the BP-Gulf Oil blowout with chart details - the natal chart of Mexico is included.

FYI: it may be significant that asteroid Hidalgo is rising in the blowout chart. See what you think!

jc, the regular typist here and part-time astrologer there