June 17, 2010

A Cat So Distraught (over the BP oil fiasco)

NPR is quite outdoing itself with updated coverage on all things BP-Gulf Oil 'spill' if you're interested in keeping up. The live video cam of the oil and gas flow from the well head is there, too.

This morning, BP CEO Tony Hayward expressed his feelings to the subcommittee hearing on BP's role in the April 20, 2010 disaster, a show which was purely for propagandistic purposes and directed at the victimized American people.

Today on Capitol hill at 11:30 am edt (precise time 'a woman' stood up and shouted is unknown to me; this is an approximate time based on a Noon news report from NPR as, 'just before Hayward was about to give his opening remarks a woman stood up') -- difficult Fixed Star Zosma arose - keywords: a victim or a savior. Moon (a woman) was @ 5Vir53 conjunct testy Mars 5Vir32, both rising together.

The dissenting woman's identity has yet to be found by this blogger but Moon/Mars contacts indicate emotional anger to the point of rage, and I must concur with her shouted charge that Hayward should be "fired" - or "arrested" - depending on which source you check or how good your ears are. (I heard "arrested" but am not certain that was all she said. And the fact that her hands were 'blackened' may be eventually left out of the media coverage, so be aware. It may be significant. Wonder how, with security at the Capitol Building door, she pulled that off without help!!)

Yes, Capitol Hill Theater is in session today but the 'shakedown' is being waged, not against BP as Republican Rep. Barton goofily asserted, but against the grossly victimized American people.

The hearing is scheduled to gavel back in from its break at 2:00 pm edt - now, actually, but without the pesky 'a woman in back' (12th house Moon) who won't be standing up again or yelling at the exalted Mr. Hayward whom Congress couldn't praise enough not so long ago. Earlier she was escorted out of the chamber for her trouble because Truth might have slipped in with her words and we can't have that in today's Capitol Hill Theater Production of Hayward Is Distraught.

However, June 10's unfortunate landing of the Muse of Limericks upon my weary shoulder has lamentably occurred again today. Yet I make no apologies for it even though it seems to be Apologize To America Week...

Today there's a cat so distraught
he testifies just as he ought
on Capitol Hill
the BP Oil spill
a false flag? that's just as I thought.

jc 6.17.10

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