May 11, 2010

Limericking the UK: A Kitten Named Brown

As you've probably heard by now, PM Gordon Brown is history and the UK has a new Prime Minister as of today, Mr. David Cameron of the Conservative Party.

And since Lim and I hadn't heard from the elusive Mr. A. Cat in quite a while, we were very surprised a few minutes ago to receive a telegram from the continent where Mr. A. is on a secret mission of some import.

Well, here is the message he sent us, completely unabridged:

There once was a kitten named Brown
whose politics gained him renown
but lack of a vote
has gotten his goat
so all he could do is step down.

- Mr. A. Cat (secret agent in service to our nation)

Here's a photo of Zasha looking very displeased yet I don't think her grumpiness has anything to do with UK Prime Ministers at all! Gulf Oil spills, more like...

jc, the typist