March 19, 2010

'Some Kittens Are Passing a Bill' backed w/ Kitties Kickin' Back!

It's Kitties Kickin' Back and Passin' No Bill! Meanwhile, in a city they call Washington...

Topaz and Wiley in their younger days often demonstrated a shared expertise and deep interest in Ornithology as it encompasses the splendor of all little birdies within their windowed purview (being intelligent indoor kitties and all.)

However, since Lim is on a spree across the neighborhood and Mr. A. Cat skulks upon the loose in distant lands, I decided to limerick a little myself to celebrate this blog's newest (and first) Follower...welcome, Sergey!

But not to fret, lone reader: it's quite a brief verse...properly unassuming, and it seems decidedly appropriate for this weekend's bill-passing hubbub now riveting the attention of the high-stakes political gamblers of Capitol Hill - you know, the ones who've suddenly bethought themselves to work on behalf of the people who graciously bought their tickets to ride. We're the same ones that pay out the nose for cadillac health insurance for the whole gaggle of Washington varmints:

Some kittens are passing a bill
in chambers on Capitol Hill
yea votes they would tally
a Democrat rally
would cause more Republican chill.

Jude i'm-only-the-typist-here Cowell 3.19.10 12:00 pm edt