February 9, 2010

An Imaginary Letter from Big Brother

Here's Bert the Cat with the wind knocked out of his sails at the thought of the following poem being published here.

What can I say? Being only the typist for this blog and with Mr. A. Cat out of touch on a faraway mission of some secrecy, Lim's Limericks is in the unenviable position of having to depend on Lim to scratch the occasional rhymery into his litter box, but as of today he's gone on strike.

Therefore, if Bert is such a discriminating critic, he should write his own stuff!

Well then, it's up to me to update this blog today with some sort of political poem. That apology made, here you go and don't say you weren't forewarned:

An Imaginary Letter from Big Brother

You heard we want a prison planet
prison of the mind
the better slaves are made when
they are unaware you'll find

Reality on TV says
forget about all that
keep focus on the magi's hand
white rabbit from a hat

Yet out of sight thus out of mind
big strings are being yanked
we own the world and plebes like you
so tightly bound and banked

Mere chattel soon away with thee
unless thou call'st our bluff
perceptions of reality
too narrow not enough

With agents working everywhere
in church and gov and school
a net is dropped the trap is sprung
you play the hapless fool

Indulge your senses all you wish
for now that will be fine
until one day the die is cast
and all you have is mine.

jude cowell 2.9.10 posted @ 5:37 pm est