January 15, 2010

Big Brother Kitty comes to town - in Times Square!

Since secret agent Mr A. Cat (this blog's poetry muse and author) has gone dark and is MIA, his pal Lim has been moping about, too listless to scratch the occasional limerick in his litterbox.

And I, normally only the typist here, have many other blogs to keep up with and am not considered to be a poet by any stretch of a cat's imagination. (You know what critics cats can be. And you must agree with them!)

Still, having read today of an innovative new techno-billboard meant to hover over Times Square while projecting a '1984' pall of the FBI's Most Wanted suspects over the heads of tourists, I find that the bad poetry muse has alighted upon my brow, and you, poor thing, will be its intended target unless you stop reading this post Now:

Big Brother Kitty comes to town
in Times Square he is beaming down
upon the hapless tourist head
police state rumors being fed

The FBI announces risk
Big Brother likes to rule and frisk
when shopping in New York's Times Square
you'll meet Big Brother frowning there.

jc 1.15.10 day of the Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01, ruled by restrictive planet of control and authority, Saturn.

Ah, for the days when FBI Most Wanted posters were simply thumb-tacked to our post office walls!


You may wish to read more details of the FBI's Most Wanted techno-billboard of totalitarianism with some brief details concerning 1984 in a post published today at Stars Over Washington. Eclipse articles are found therein as well.

Above image is a drawing from my Blue Tiger Art Shop at Cafe Press which is at your disposal and awaiting your visit - Lim recommends it to you most highly!