November 21, 2009

A Kitten Called Palin

Here's a photo of a droopy Alberto Kitty with the wind knocked out of his sails, reports his human roommate. Alberto had just been told he wasn't going to the beach with the rest of us and you see the sad effect of this news!

Big Announcement: Mr. A. Cat, our constant muse at Lim's Limericks, yet an elusive muse who is always off on secret missions in his role as an agent in service to our nation, has contacted my roommate Lim with a new ditty which I shall type for you now since cats don't have fingers:

There once was a kitten called Palin
whose governorship soon was flailin'
she quit for a run
in 2012's fun
her ship toward the White House is sailin'.

-Mr. A. Cat 11.21.09


All I can say about a possible Palin in the White House at the nation's helm: Nooooooooooo! That's crazy thinkin' Politics.

-typist, Jude Cowell