September 21, 2009

Obama in a Box?

Since it's my poem, I have decided to *re-post it here on Lim's Limericks with fussy Lim's express permission. He doesn't think Mr. A. Cat will mind, but since I'm only this blog's typist, it seemed best to ask him to okay it first.

The following poem is inspired by today's kerfluffle over President Obama's idea to send more US troops to Afghanistan as a strategy decision, and by Stanley McChrystal's assessment which was 'leaked' in a memo which some say is a 'strategy' meant to pressure the president into seeing things the Pentagon's way - aka, Send More Troops.


Barack Obama in a box
Afghanistan is like a pox
upon his presidency new
he'd escalate but how and who?

McChrystal memo quite a dud
to land with such a dullish thud
on White House roof and in the hall
Obamaites are right to squall

Since change and hope he touted wide
we'd choose to have the peaceful side
but will the US ever see
an end to war economy?

Though pressure's on to send more troops
our US system has the droops
there are no jobs for every man
returning from Afghanistan.

Jude Cowell 9.21.09 8:49 pm edt

*Poem previously posted at 8:49 pm on Two Hours You'll Never Get Back.