August 23, 2009

Some Washington Cats

Oh dear. Lim and I were up all of last night waiting for Mr. A. Cat's further communique which finally came through at 7 this morning - I mean, Saturday morning.

Mr. A., an agent formerly in service to our nation, has been off on a jaunt of some import and must rely on unstable land lines to get his telephonery through to Lim, my erstwhile fish chef and all-round bossy roommate.

Since it's unavoidable, let's see what Mr. A. is antsy about, shall we?

Some Washington Cats took vacation
to spread out across a great nation
they staged a town hall
but people would squall
which filled them with much trepidation.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq 8.23.09

photo of Roxy: i kant c u, can u c me?, by Maya.