August 2, 2009

'Political Cats of DC' take a holiday in rhyme

Well, I can hardly believe that my cat Lim won't let me sleep until I type this new limerick he received this evening from the elusive Mr. A. Cat.

It is a time-based limerick, I agree, with the reps gone home and senators remaining in town until late next week, but then they'll rush outta the city, too. Hope the American people give them fat earfuls while they're home or traveling about the mediocre to poor jobs they're doing on our behalf!

Billion-dollar bailouts for their rich banking buddies on Wall Street and to protect and boost their own bank stock portfolios? Why, shore!

Healthcare for all Americans? Now that would be way-y-y too costly!

Political cats of DC
have somewhere that they'd rather be
It's August they said
The District is dead
but look for me on your TV.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq. 8.2.09

(Well, Mr. A. has the right idea: it's just like a politician to grab his or her main chance - and the closest camera and mike for talking points spouting! - jc, your typist for the evening.) wumps out kitty, typist going to sleep now...