August 29, 2009

'A Lion Was Laid to His Rest' 8.29.09

With Senator Ted Kennedy being eulogized by President Obama at the senator's Boston funeral this morning, it's too much to expect that Mr. A. Cat, ever mindful of Senator Kennedy's fabulous Lion of the Senate moniker, would not send along a limerick to my roommate Lim today with instructions for my typing to begin asap...

A Lion was laid to his rest
as senator always the best
he'd legislate right
on into the night
with liberal Democrat zest.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq 8.29.09: RIP

(Lim just now tells me that Mr. A. had an alternate for the last line: 'and prove a Republicans' pest.' Not sure which I like better since they both apply to this last of the Kennedy brothers! -jc)

Roxy sleeps, photo by my daughter Maya, whose name relates to the sea; Ted Kennedy's beloved boat is named 'Mya' pronounced as 'Maya', but spelled differently, as you see.