July 20, 2009

A Kitten Was Launched to the Moon

In light of today being the 40th anniversary, an article with horoscope image is posted on the First Moon Landing of July 20, 1969, if you're up for it.

Get it? 'Up' for it. My cats like that because they're always up for it except during their very serious snoozes. Well, the above-linked post is quite serious and asks the question of both its readers: did the US really land on the Moon?

Meanwhile, since you're here at Lim's Limericks, perhaps you're in the mood for a groanworthy rhyme which Lim wrote a while ago after seeing what I was up to with the post on the Astrology of the First Moon Landing...

A kitten was launched to the Moon
to search for a cow and a spoon
but when he arrived
no cow or spoon thrived
but only a Baggie's lost tune.

Chef Lim, Esq. 7.20.09

(It is assumed that Lim refurrs to the Baggie with the red label that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin left behind upon the Moon's surface...I'm not sayin' which one left it, but - lunar litterbugs! Makes me want a sandwich. jc)

The Moon Society may be a website of interest for all Moon-gazers.