Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Kitten in Normandy Fought: D-Day Observance 2009

As you can see in the photo, new little Roxy kitty is not much impressed with today's ceremonies in France that honor D-Day's 65th anniversary of the Allies' Normandy invasion, even though President Barack Obama is in attendance.

At such a tender age, perhaps she hasn't gained her 'political legs' yet like the other cats I know...more worldly-wise are they, and with distinct populist leanings.

So with the whereabouts of our usual lim-writer (Mr. A. Cat) unknown, Lim and I have put our noggins together to scratch out a marker for this solemn occasion and we hope you approve!

A kitten in Normandy fought
to render Herr Hitler distraught
in June '44
the Allies ashore
brought freedom to France as they ought!

-Lim (the chef) & jc (the typist) taking D-Day lim-duties into our own paws

6.6.09 1:18 pm edt........Snooze away, Roxy!