June 28, 2009

A Kitten from Sanford

Well, it's offical:

Mr. A. Cat has disappeared into the faceless crowd once again so Lim has taken pen in paw to scratch a new limerick in the political litter box which concerns South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's scandalous Argentinian rendezvous.

Even Gracie, as you see, prefers to hide from the inconvenient facts.

The governor's steamy affair and outed tryst means that Sanford has now joined the growing ranks of the Lov Gov group of risk-takers who apparently think they're really hot.

But Lim and I think they're really not!

(Okay, Lim, I'm typing it now...some cats and kitties have no patience at all.)

A kitten from Sanford did fly
to be with his love on the sly
no mountain to hike
the press he would psyche
they'll grill him til Fourth of July!

Lim 6.28.09 1:41 am edt

A note from the typist: just please don't 'cut me off a piece o'that' when July 4th rolls around - eeeuuw-w-w! I'll be glad for the Sanford family when this news story cycles out. jc