June 20, 2009

A Cat from Iran

Lim's Limericks has a reader! Who knew?

Well thanks a bunch, JB, for inquiring about whether Mr. A Cat has limmed the current post-election troubles in Iran. Sad to say, the plight of the wonderful Iranian People may be too sensitive a situation for a rhyming cat to take into his own paws just now; plus, Mr. A. has not checked in with Lim for several days.

As usual, this furry former secret agent's whereabouts remain unbeknownst - perhaps for our own safety, which would be just like the inestimable yet elusive Mr. A. Cat.

But there is A Cat from Iran which is a re-post of a limerick from 2007, if you'd care to take a peek...the rhyme had some verses added to its original briefness, thus the re-post, as you'll see:

A Cat from Iran.