Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Cat from Bernanke

At last! Lim has had a communique this morning from Mr. A. Cat with a new limerick so full of sass that I balked at typing it for you. But as usual, Lim has threatened me with not cooking my fish dinner if I do not comply with my agreement as this blog's only typist.

The brief verse concerns today's testimony on Capitol Hill by Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on the Bank of America/Merrill-Lynch take-over deal and Mr. Bernanke's alleged strong-arm role in it. Well, I only hope his wife can one day forgive me for I have no control over any of my cats (least of all Mr. A.), and he who says he controls his own must be a big fat liar...

In spotlight a cat from Bernanke
who testifies paw on a hankie
no pressure applied
Ken Lewis has lied
so Ben won't deserve a big spanky.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq 6.25.09 early morning hours

And now here's the lovely Libby Kitty lurking in a suspiciously spy-like manner...