Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Cat Oh So Cynical

Cynicism abounds in the world today and apparently the elusive Mr.A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation and ever the idealist, has sent Lim a rather controversial limerick for me to publish asap.

One good thing: Mr. A.'s theme may be too hot for this blog to handle, but the groan will be quite brief...

There once was a cat oh so cynical
no longer a student rabbinical
he set off some bombs
that targeted moms
while dreaming himself at the pinnacle.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq. 5.27.09 11:11 am edt

And yet Cat in a Very Green Chair is having none of that cynicism thing for it's nappy time...and that's the sort of dream any cat can appreciate!

Image from Secret Moon Art plus, you may wish to drop by my newest blog Two Hours You'll Never Get Back...which will not while away two hours of your time, promise! jc