May 23, 2009

Afluff Is the Cat from UK

New kitty Zasha has no time for the Major Political Kerfluffle in the UK!

But she knows you're familiar with the 'expenses leak' case in Britain which has plopped members of parliament into well-deserved hot water over their use of public monies to repair their moats, clean their penthouses, swab their decks, and build 'duck huts' on their private estates.

(Duck huts! Lim and I think that's hilarious. And we've heard that the man's ducks walked away without appreciating their fancy new 'huts.' We've yet to hear if they were aligned in a row at the time.)

And the fellow who facilitated the spilling of the expense beans, John Wick, is defending his actions so check out the BBC News reports on the subject - you'll find a list of their links to various articles as they were published concerning this ongoing tale of political hubris and greed.

Meanwhile, it seems that the elusive Mr.A. Cat has scratched out a verse on the theme and sent it to Lim so that I can type it for you because we don't know the spycat's mysterious whereabouts and couldn't tell you if we here goes...

Afluff is the cat from UK
his bills for the people to pay
he asked for more pounds
ahead of the hounds
now soon must resign from the fray.

A. Cat, Esq 5.23.09 3:30 pm edt