Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Cats of Somali

Here you see a photo of Princess Grace licking her chops at the thought of Mr. A. Cat sending along a new limerick this very day which relates to current events in the news.

The brief verse concerns difficult subject matter so I balked at typing it for you, but now Lim, my erstwhile furry companion and chef of delicious fish dishes is doing his own brand of balking (very effectively, too) - he's refusing to prepare my din-din this evening if I don't comply with Mr. A.'s limericking orders of the day.

So let's splash right in...ready?

Ahoy from the cats of Somali
as pirates a little too jolly
yo ho and a gun
big ships on the run
until they must pay ransom's folly.

Mr. A. Cat, Esq. 4.11.09