March 4, 2009

A Cat limericks Rush Limbaugh

Photo of Princess Grace, swaddled against all political storms! Which is good since Lim has passed on to me a brief, if inflamed, ditty penned by Mr.A.Cat this very morning in the spycat's usual round-about way:

You've heard of a cat they call Rush
who spouts from his powerful tush
with GOP cred
he wishes Dems dead
though some say he's just a big lush.

-Mr.A.Cat, Esq. 3.4.09


(Good work, Mr. A.! -your lowly typist, Jude Cowell)

Here's a post I published in 2006 when Mr. Limbaugh's drug trial and subsequent easy-payment punishment plan was in the news:

Rush Booked Deal Cooked