February 13, 2009

American Dream Awakes

With realistic Saturn's bucket of cold water now affecting America's natal Neptune, planet of dreams and ideals, the US is getting a big dose of grim reality these days.

This transit isn't exact until August 2009 and its effects will continue well into 2010.

So with Lim's blessings I am bravely posting a verse which I, merely this blog's typist (but also a reluctant astrologer!), penned just the other day for your perusal.

American Dream Awakes

American Dream? wake up to find
the past is trailing just behind
a corporation and a state
America did seal her fate

There writ in stars as Cairo knows
and London shares our Western woes
when Sun shall swallow up the Moon
deliverance can't come too soon

For all are right and all are wrong
calm Peace can't keep the balance long
a hidden oath by handshake known
will spoil the brightest noblest throne

A man unmasked pow'r's mantle on
where peacocks strut upon the lawn
those olden times are with us still
and 'ere we go they always will

Address all grievance only hope
thieves left us with so little rope
but when Time writes our sad obit
the sword and torch our Dream has lit.

jude cowell 2.13.09 12:25 pm est

image by author, Blue Trumpet Flower Under Crescent Moon from my Secret Moon Art collection of drawings.