January 2, 2009

Political Poems: 2008 into 2009

Princess Grace is telling it like it was - 2008, that is. So with the passing of 2008, A Kitten from Bushie might do passably well to represent the Bush madness that 2008 pushed upon everyone as the Bush term grinds to a halt.

And I do mean, grinds.

But what for a new 2009-esque rhyme?

Voila! Say no more! Because Mr.A.Cat, our illustrious if unseen hero in the former-agent-in-service-to-our-nation department, has sent Lim a telegram this very hour with a brief verse just for you...

A kitten from old Illinois
has arrows of clout to employ
with seat to appoint
he'll land in the joint
Obama's not one to annoy!

-Mr.A.Cat, Esq 1.2.09 3:42 pm est

And now, the bad news: I (the typist) have taken up pen to blurb a little something for you concerning how things are going in the US...rather bleakly, sad to say.

But even so - never bet against America because you'll probably be wrong!

Our land is sold to lawyers
our treasure hid away
we're robbed and left for orphans
to starve another day.

From Clintons and the Bushes
the Reagan light stands out
in Georgia's Plains an elder
can drive the worms to rout.

If mightiness is rightness
yet meek inherit earth
weigh Washington in God's scales
and measure its true worth.

jc 1.2.09 3:45 pm est (if you can find much of value to measure!)