December 15, 2008

A cat's advice on the US economy

Sometimes the poems here at Lim's Limericks are not in limerick form, and are not contributed by Mr.A.Cat at all.

Occasionally Lim gets into the act, and since we discussed the tanking US economy last evening over dinner, Lim decided to scratch a small poem of advice into his litter box this morning which, he says, is meant for human beings who hold the purse strings:

The power of the paw
is like the power of the purse
you think you have it hard
but the others have it worse
don't limp around in pain with
a thorn stuck in the bottom
just open up that piggybank
and share 'em if ya got 'em.

-Lim, aka Chef Lim 12.15.08


Thanks, Chef Lim, that's good advice from a cat who likes his chow and perks to keep on coming - don't be like a greedy bank - keep the moola flowing to help the economy and your neighbors! -jc

Perhaps you'd like to see a specimen of what Chef Lim prepared for our din din last evening, a delicious Baked Ornate butterfish in Savory Seahorse Sauce!