November 1, 2008

Wheels off but gritty McCain still in race

fail owned pwned pictures

You know how cats hate to embarrass when they miscalculate a jump onto a table, hit the floor, then walk away as if they meant to do that?

Well, Lim has found the FailBlog where all images are user-submitted. The furry feline can't seem to get enough of snarking at human failures as documented by these amusing photos and videos!

The above photo could represent the wheels off the McCain campaign, but the GOP is nuthin' if not well-versed at pulling out a rabbitty win from a loser's top hat.

Lim says they've come too far and done too much to give up now, but I hope he's wrong...after the last 8 years, they need to give up and start all over again.


Except for Arizona and Hawaii, don't forget to set your clocks back an hour, thus turning 2:00 am into 1:00 am as the US returns to Eastern Standard time.

note: am trying to reduce the size of the above photo but so far no luck...when more blog posts are added the image should move down where there's more space but I'll keep working on the code, too.