November 11, 2008

See the Poor Republicans ~ a poem

Shhh! Grace is still recuperating from last week's election madness. Like TV's Craig Ferguson, she had a bad case of Election Fever which turned into a vicious case of Election Infection.

A few extra hours of shut-eye should put her to rights!

Meanwhile, Lim just rushed into the room with a communique from Mr.A.Cat - a poem. Unusual, since Mr.A. seldom abandons limerick form, but here it is...I promised it would be typed up for you before the evening passed away...

See the poor Republicans
sulking in a pile
guess they won't be ruling much
maybe for a while
grabbing headlines with a whine
smearing while they pout
eight years' worth of sorriness
gave them quite a rout.

With Obama on the case
middle class may gain
U.S.A. fed up to here
GOP shall wane
Dems will guide the ship for now
we'll see how it goes
one thing different from oh-one
th' emperor has clothes.

Mr.A.Cat, Esq. 11.11.08