November 1, 2008

2008 campaign flakes out little kittens

Innocent little kittens everywhere are simply flaked out, wumped out - however you want to call it - by the long-drawn-out campaign for US president with its innuendos, dirty tricks, and lies.

So what's a kitten to do but try to catch up with some zzz-z-z-z-z-zs before Tuesday night's election coverage begins, coverage which is sure to be a political marathon of flying fur?

All the political cats and kitties here will be glued to the TV set (and monitoring NPR's coverage as well) so we've been resting up today in preparation, as you see.

We only hope America knows the new president's name by November 5 or there will be great tufts of fur flying across the land.



Update Nov 11: Nov 4 at 11:00 pm est (or a minute or so after) Barack Obama was announced as president-elect. Lim and Mr.A. are very happy about it as is their typist - well, that outcome was relatively easy, wasn't it? Yay and Meow!

I had blogged here and there that only a landslide would be impossible to, it seemed to Lim and me that the Rs didn't really want to win this one...hmmm....almost as if they're sitting this one out after decimating US coffers, freedoms, institutions, etc. Let the Dems wrestle with the messes and the Rs will take over later. Something like that.

Politics is an odd fish, isn't it? Maybe that's why all the cats I know are so political!

jc 11.11.08 8:40 pm est