October 23, 2008

vote for a kitten or two

No, this isn't a voting booth but don't tell Gracie Kitty!

Mr.A. Cat phoned Lim a few minutes ago all concerned about the November 4 elections here in the US. So here's the rhyme he passed on for me to type for you:

We vote for a kitten or two
who'll do what is said they will do
but rhetoric grand
is left on the stand
and buyers' remorse isn't new.

Mr.A. Cat, Esq.


Ah yes, ye olde buyers' remorse - a distinct possibility once again, as Mr.A. notes.

And who in their right minds would willingly take on 8 years' worth of Republican mess and fraud? The complicit? Makes me think they know something we don't know...like: anything in Politics that happens was meant to happen. And all the chaos we're seeing now - with more to come - is part of someone's larger plan.

Argghhh from me, Rrraorrrww-w-w from Lim.