September 20, 2008

A Kitten Was Lost at the Fed

Topaz shows baby Wiley how to investigate! And that's not the only investigation this post concerns...

Mr.A.Cat has sent along a new rhyme which I shall type for you in a moment, but first, here's another link Mr.A. sent concerning the ongoing financial crisis now infecting the globe, but which seems to be based here in America.

The Shrinking Influence of the US Federal Reserve gives a wider perspective on the 'general investigation' which the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be visiting upon US balance sheets and Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Fed.

Which set of books they'll probe is for them to know and for us to find out. If we can...

Now they say that no Fed chief in US history has been forced to succumb to such an investigation, which the article calls a humiliating x-ray for Chairman Bernanke.

(Personally, I think they're in cahoots but I'll play along for now until more comes out.)

Looking at the Sabian Symbols for An X-Ray, we see that this word picture is for '25 Scorpio' yet it may give us a more accurate image of this degree to take our details from Adriano Carelli's *360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

'25Sco' = "A wolf carrying away a goose":

"A very undesirable influence, leading to trouble and even to crime. A life of strife and sorrows, misery and wrangles, adventures and ephemeral conquests, cheerless victory over one's foes followed by bereavement of the fruit thereof; abandonment, probably treason by one's oldest friends.

A silent, greedy, unscrupulous, gruffy and unsociable egotist, the native will be given a wide berth by all and will nevertheless pick quarrels with everyone. Little as pointers hint at dishonesty, this degree will make the native into a criminal in the technical sense of the word, a thief, a murderer, a sharper.

(the) selfish curtness becomes lord-like reserve, ascetical isolation, inner quietude, but this case is very rare."

Carelli also mentions "anti-social tendencies" but this is quite enough to describe what are perhaps Fed and world bankers, Bernanke in particular, or perhaps America herself as the rest of the world beats a path away from our profligate door. And our pal England is in no better shape financially, if any of this "we're broke - rescue us" hype is to be believed.

No, nobody loves you when you're down and out, but it's difficult to believe that financial 'experts' have been caught with their frilly underpants down, isn't it?

UPDATE Nov 13, 2010: concerning Carelli's info on '25Sco' quoted above, its implications are supported by the Fed's Sun/Pluto opposition as well. Pluto, planet of Psychology and Coping Ability, can work very closely with the Sun in a horoscope and considering the holder of this energy (in this case, the Fed), the energies of Sun (ego) and Pluto (power; control; primal passion) are in stand-off creating an overbearing nature with a tendency to force circumstances and dictate to others.

Manipulation is one of Pluto's favorite dynamics of activity, and you can't beat a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Sun for wanting to manage everything it can grasp. The enthusiam for transforming the world into its own image (of the beast, I assert - primal passions of the devouring spirit) is boundless. Such is an entity with Sun opposing Pluto.

A first for the US:

That the IMF's 'x-ray' has been agreed to by 'President' George Bush but only with the stipulation that it be done during his last year in office with conclusions to be released AFTER he leaves the White House is an amazing fact. My suggestion is that they get a search warrant for the Bush family Paraguay compound to look for the culprits, thieves, and wolves!

So without furr-ther ado, here's the new limerick from Mr. A. Cat:

A kitten was lost at the Fed
in spite of Bernanke the head
he mewed for more dough
to gain a furlough
from all that the IMF said.

-Mr.A.Cat, agent formerly in service to our nation


*bold emphases and italics are my own.