August 24, 2008

That Kitten of Biden

As you see, Sir Wiley of Wiles Earl of Ashen Coat isn't happy with his new haircut, but who would be? I mean, LOOK at it! Topiaries are running and hiding all over the neighborhood, poor boy.

Whether his droopy eyed critique has anything to do with this weekend's VP pick of Joe Biden by prez bidder Barack Obama, is quite unclear.

Yet Sir Wiles was gratified to find a message left for him by Mr.A.Cat who, from an undisclosed location, seems to be following political events such as the Springfield, IL reach-around of the Dem White House hopefuls.

Mr.A. even left a brief limerick with publishing intructions for the typist so I hereby pass it on for your consideration:

You heard from that kitten of Biden
whose goals now upon you are ridin'
he handles a mike
like Lance on a bike
while hoping McCain's cred is slidin'.

Mr.A.Cat with a little help from his friends