Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Prez Election Rhyme 2008

Rrraowrrr-r-r!! Prez candidates are scuffling and it's almost November election time in the US but Mr. A.Cat is nowhere to be found for limericking purposes, so I have reluctantly taken rhymery duties into my own paws:

Old cat young kitten in the game
one hopeful progress one McSame
a new world order they would tame
with bully pulpit all aflame

Like polished fur or gristled coat?
November comes both want your vote
through beam of eye each spies the mote
while spewing propaganda's rote

For nineteen-ninety-nine's alarm
a sun eclipse of Nostradame
foretold our strife through war and bomb
enforced by despots' cool aplomb

So let the cat and kitten scrap
till one shall curl in history's lap
the fur will fly across the map
a wonder how we take this crap.

jc 8.13.08 12:30 am edt (Okay, I'll apologize later - not!)