July 27, 2008

An Elegant Kitten Barack

Here's a wumped out Gracie, tired of waiting for Mr. A.Cat!

Even Lim and I were beginning to despair of hearing a meow from him, but today Mr. A. Cat, an agent formerly in service to our nation, managed to get through the din from his secret undisclosed location (not with Dick Cheney) and sent along a new rhyme based, no doubt, on Barack Obama's recent overseas tour, where he practiced looking presidential and classy while chumming up to all the world leaders he could schedule photo-ops with. Touche!

An elegant kitten Barack
flew overseas McCain to mock
when John made a squeak
Obama's critique
it's time for a hopeful epoc.

Mr. A.Cat, as typed and published by jude cowell 7.27.08