May 21, 2008

Prez Campaign Rag

Photo is of Wiley all stretched out and bored with politics--plus, it's been since April 18 that I typed out silly rhymery here at Lim's Limericks, but not from lack of trying--tech gremlins have been at play here on Turtle Lane more often than is seemly to cat or man.

For now they have abaited, so I hope this state of affairs will continue so that we--Lim and I--may honor Mr.A.Cat, our muse and guide, who is off on a spree after checking in briefly. But many warm thanks to all who inquired about his safety--happily he is furry fine after a long secret mission somewhere on the continent.

Seems his former agent's life has long tentacles and he never retreats from challenge for our nation's sake.

If all goes well, Mr.A. will grace us again with his expertise in limerickness but as you know, you cannot hurry up one of the kittycat purrsuasion, now can you?

In lieu of Mr. A's political insights, I have penned something of a poem for you to make do with as you have your supper. It is written in fatigue of our long prez campaign which mercifully will end, they say, on June 3 and is titled as above:

Tasmanian devils on the wane
you know Bill Clinton feels their pain
Australia's not the place to go
my crystal ball has told me so

Escaping from this prez campaign
is useless so I go insane
yet drowning on this sinking boat
it's ships ahoy let's rock the vote!